Thermax Automotive first establidhed as Aktuğ Makina in 1980. The factory planted in 4 Levent and started to manufacture Fiat 131 thermostat housing. With the demand on the market, Thermax Automotive started to import thermostat from Germany to manufacture complete thermostat with housing. After several years Thermax Automotive started to manufacture all components of thermostat.

In 1982 Thermax Automotive started develop water pumps for Fiat 131 and Renault 12. Then with the success in the market, factory reached 30 waterpump and thermostat mold for Fiat, Renault and Lada cars until 2014.

Aktuğ Makina has been sold to AML Autmotive in 2014 and continue its operation in Gebze. In 2 years with new management Thermax Automotive has been develop 13 new applications, and offer these products to its customers. Total of 11.000 m² close warehouse capacity, 4.000 m² use for manufacture in its new location, with TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate. With 45 years of experince, main goal is always customer satisfaction and trust. We will continue to build pumps for a lifetime.